Thursday, May 14, 2009


A recent thread on MeFi about baby names got me thinking.* Both of my grandmothers were born early in the last century and had typically old-fashioned names: Matilda and Genevieve. Coincidentally (?), both were commonly called boys' names, Matty and Johnny. As a child, I could hardly bear to hear my maternal grandmother and her sisters' names. They sounded like a coven of particularly ugly witches. What a difference a century makes. What are the chances today of coming across a group of little girls named Matilda, Beatrice and Gladys?

* I also learned a new word. Onomastics, the study of naming.


Blogger jain said...

I didn't know grandma's name was Matilda. I always though it was just Mattie. funny huh?

3:05 AM  

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