Wednesday, December 19, 2007


The overnight train from Bangalore to Goa, though long (14 hours), was pleasant enough. A kind French woman gave me her seat so that Alex and I could sit together near the window. We passed the time lazily, reading, staring out the window, and eating cookies.
I spent about a week in Goa, during which time I did little but eat, swim and allow the sun to turn my skin a fairly pleasant shade of bronze. I recommend Palolem for the food, but that lovely stretch of sand has become awfully crowded in recent years. And with the crowds has come the usual overdevelopment and excess supply of hawkers. Nearby Patnem, which had maybe a shack or two on it when last I saw it a couple of years back, now looks a lot like Palolem did in 2003. There's progress for you.
Now don't think that I don't realize the irony of my situation. Me and my ilk are the source of the problem.


Blogger evr said...

to quote Yogi Berra: "Nobody goes there anymore. It's too crowded."

Got the xmas card today. Jen wanted to send one back but you can't stop moving!

Put some new stuff on my blog so feel free to check it out!

Have a Merry One!

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