Thursday, November 29, 2007

Doctor, doctor

I've been spending an inordinate amount of time in hospitals, clinics and diagnostic centres lately. It started a couple of weeks ago when I accompanied Alex to Apollo Hospital for minor surgery. In India, like many places, you're expected to bring an "attendant" to help you out when you visit the hospital. I was there (minus a quick trip to the cafe across the street!) for a few hours. A week later, I returned to Apollo for a health check (four hours). For 1400 rupees, or US $35, I had full blood work, a sonogram of my abdominal organs, full gyno exam, chest x-ray, interviews with two doctors, and lunch. Then I again accompanied Alex when he went to pick up some x-rays. And I decided to see his osteopath, which led to x-rays of my own (and more blood work.) There was a problem with one of the prints, so I had to go back this morning. Tonight I'm going to see the doc again. Whew.

Most of my results have been ok. The sonogram showed "minorally enlarged liver with prominant hepatic veins and IVC," but the blood work was fine so no one is concerned as yet. I'll have another scan next week. More significant, I think, is that the x-rays showed that I seem to have broken my coccyx (that's the tailbone, dummy) and it is displaced anteriorly. The lab recommends it be treated "clinically". Looks like I may be in need of an attendant of my own. I'll let you know what the Dr. Shashi Kumar has to say tonight.


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