Saturday, December 01, 2007


Yesterday we ticked another item off the "Things to do Before Leaving Mysore" list. We hopped the bike and drove up to Chamundi Hill to record some video on Alex's Enfield. He was particularly keen on getting the sound of the bike. Alas, the sound was greatly distorted by the rush of air as we zoomed up the hill. Next time I'm going to have to face backward ;-)

It being an absolutely brilliant day, we stopped by a park (the name of which escapes me :S)
after our little movie-making endeavor. Centered around a man-made lake, the park includes a small island, observation tower, bird zoo, butterfly sanctuary, etc. But the most notable of the attractions on display, to me at least, were the numerous amorous couples scattered about the grounds. You see so little Public Display of Affection* in India, it's a bit shocking when you do come across it. When I reached the top of the observation tower, I ran into a twentysomething couple that was noisily kissing-- scandalous! Also worthy of note, I believe, was the fact that many of the couples were clearly Muslim (the women being dressed in the long black gown and head-covering).

* As in many sexually repressed cultures, you see an awful lot of male-on-male/ female-on-female PDA.


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