Monday, May 25, 2009

Infinite Summer

"You've been meaning to do it for over a decade."

Two weeks ago I picked up Infinite Jest from the Hold shelf at the library. The book became available earlier than I expected, at which time I was regrettably entangled in another book. Then I began
Cryptonomicon... In the meantime I picked up a few old Philip Roth paperbacks that I have sworn to read in the near future. So it's looking unlikely that I'll be reading IJ any time soon.

But wait, there is hope (albeit in the form of a website, Facebook group, etc.). Infinite Summer challenges endurance bibliophiles to read DFW's magnum opus over the course of the Summer of 2009. Since the book clocks in at 1000+ pages, that works out to roughly 75 pages per week. Which sounds reasonable. Anyone game?


Blogger Lore said...

Well, tell us more about it...and maybe!

8:10 PM  

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