Monday, January 05, 2009

Guess Who Came to Dinner?

My closest sibling was five years my senior, and off at school all day from the time I can remember. As I believe is fairly common of only children, I had several imaginary friends. I can still remember the three most popular: Doc Osmond, who wore a white smock and one of those reflective headbands in his afro; Johnny Kingee, who was cool and always wore denim; and Goo Goo, a white dog who walked upright and looked a bit like the professor from that old cartoon.

I was speaking about my old friends with my mother a few years ago, and I when I described them to her, she was shocked. "Goo Goo was a dog?? But we used to set a place for him at the dinner table!"


Anonymous Kevin said...

LOL! That is priceless. Mr. Peabody is the cartoon dog and I always wanted to be the boy Sherman. Travelling through time learning about history with a cool, smart dog, I'd take that. I wish I had created an imaginary friend like him though. Now I'm just jealous. ;o)
I think my imaginary friends were all based either on my cousin Dennis, or on old people.

1:51 PM  
Anonymous jb said...

Hulu has full episodes of Rocky and Bullwinkle.. which has, naturally, Mr. Peabody and His Boy Sherman.

It's been a fun romp through memory lane to watch these.


2:11 PM  
Blogger Sheila said...

When I have some time, I shall have to follow that link. There's a certain Mr. Do-Right I haven't seen in a long time.

7:50 AM  

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