Saturday, November 29, 2008


Done to death on calendars, t-shirts, coffee mugs, etc., the Golden Gate is a truly iconic image. And the real thing is genuinely lovely.

After picking up a few things at the Noe
Valley Farmer's Market, V and I crossed the bridge late in the morning, stopping briefly at the Vista Point on the North side of the bridge to admire the view. Another beautiful day in the Bay Area.

We continued on to Mill Valley for lunch. I lived in Mill Valley for six months nearly a decade ago, and still have fond feelings for the place. This is particularly true for Avatar's Panjabi Burrito's. An Indian take on the Mexican classic, the basic panjabi
burrito is basmati rice, chick pea curry, carrot pickle, fruit and mint chutneys, and tamarind sauce wrapped in a paratha. Today I added sweet potato curry to the mix.

We'd headed North with plans of walking among the redwoods, but we took several detours along the way. By the time we reached Armstrong Redwoods State Reserve, we had little more than an hour of sunlight remaining. The walk was neither long nor strenuous, but just being among those ancient trees and breathing the fragrant air was highly pleasurable.


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