Sunday, November 02, 2008

The Adventure of the Old Man's Cap

My parents and I were in the living room watching Sherlock Holmes' The Adventure of the Devil's Foot. Watson had escorted Holmes to the countryside of Cornwall to recuperate (the illness being drug addiction.) As the detective and his loyal companion walked along the moors, my mother turned to me and said, "Look at the doctor's hat. Remember that. I have a story to tell you." The hat was grey tweed, similar to what you'd see on a newspaper boy of the 1920's.

At the end of the episode I asked my mother about the hat, and this is what she told me. After my grandfather died, his house was purchased by a young police officer. Some time later, my aunt received a phone call from him. He'd found my grandfather's hat in the closet, and was calling to ask if my aunt thought my grandfather would mind if he wore it. She said no, that he should go ahead. I tried to picture the hat she was referring to, and managed to conjure up an image. It made me smile to think of that man walking around in my grandfather's cap.


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