Friday, March 07, 2008

Universe, I Hope You're Listening

The Mahabodhi Express was scheduled to depart at 2:10 this afternoon. I didn't have a confirmed berth, so I arrived at the station with time to spare. The platform was packed with people, many of them refugees from various delayed trains. Around 2:00 there was an announcement in Hindi, followed by much groaning. I asked the man next to me what was going on, and he said that the Mahabodhi was delayed until 5:30. I asked a station official, who confirmed this. @#$%. By 3:00, the departure time had been pushed back to 7:30.

So here I am now in an Internet cafe in the Main Bazaar, killing time. I've even been reading the NY Times and wishing I could muster up some interest in American politics. But mostly I'm sending out positive energy to the universe, hoping that my train hasn't been delayed again.


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