Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Lose Ends

I'm back in New Delhi for the fourth time in the past year: April, July, December, and now March. How absurd. This visit is largely for the tying up of lose ends, namely to fetch my new bank card and a bag I stashed here back in April last year.

Both of these errands were heavily dependent on the assistance of my friend Sriram (a man who is very good at Getting Things Done). The bag (containing mainly cold-weather, work and urban wear) is at his old Delhi office, and the card was sent to his colleague's office. When I met with Sriram last night, things weren't looking very good on either front. The card had yet to arrive, and the office where the bag was being kept had been sealed by the authorities. The office is located in a residential neighborhood, and as such is illegal. Still, Sriram seemed optimistic that both would work out.

My card arrive this morning, and I've picked it up. I'm still waiting to hear about the bag though.


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