Friday, September 14, 2007

Is 5 months into a trip too late to start blogging?

Due to overwhelming demand*, I've decided to finally take the plunge and enter the already-crowded arena of the travel blog.

Now I am of course faced with several dillemna:

Finding a Voice
This has been a long-standing impediment to blogging for me. I do conduct quite a lot of email correspondence, but that involves a certain degree back-and-forth interplay, question/response, statement/reference, and so on. In absence of such (I don't expect much in terms of comments,) where do I begin? And to what have I doomed myself with that very first sentence?

Defining my Audience
Who am I writing for? Should I assume, for example, that my folks/ex-/etc. will be reading this? If so, what impact will that have on my willingness to be open/honest?

Getting Started
I doubt I'll go all the way back to my arrival in Delhi back in April, but a summary is probably in order.

Maybe next time I'll actually get around to Setting and some genuine Content.

*Typed with tongue firmly in cheek. If anything here reads a bit cheeky but you don't see the ;-) sarcasm symbol, please imagine it's there.


Blogger jenn said...

Tell all, to us etceteras out there. Just what are you seeing/doing and what is it making you think about?

That's my take on the blog world. It is a little strange, having a conversation with yourself, but Getting into the rhetorical question vibe is the essence, anyone who actually writes back is a shock and a bonus : )

Are you doing self practice? Have you been to see Patabhi Jois? I have recently started self practice here. I like it but I'm having a few issues getting used to the strength of the adjustments. Have a few parts of the body that are troubling me that weren't before I started, not so sure I'm gonna stick with it longterm. We're heading out of here in a couple of months and I might give it away then. Should have properly mastered first series by then and that'll be enough for me for now.

How long is this adventure of yours planned to be? :) We'll be in the South Pacific over Xmas and I'd love to show you a warm Kiwi Xmas : )

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